Company Vega IT was established 14 years ago. However, the whole story started much earlier – 20 years ago. Two founders of Vega IT, Saša and Vladan fantasized about establishing their own company one day. Back then, they honestly didn’t even know what kind of company that would be nor how they would realise this idea, but it was their dream.

Now, 11 years later, they came to the point when Vega IT is one of the most successful IT companies in Serbia.

Last year their net profit increased by 70 % which is quite a lot even for the IT industry. On top of this, they built a culture where they are really happy and where people around them feel good at work. Sasa Popovic believes that the time and the effort they invested in building great interpersonal relationships, which gave people an opportunity to work on their personal and professional development, played a major role in their success.

The Current and Future Workforce Trends

  • Higher employee turnover (more people leaving)
  • Younger generations want it more and faster
  • More trust and respect
  • Treating everyone equally
  • Additional focus on the results
  • Firing people with dignity
  • Listening and taking care of people

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Many companies around the world are well aware of these trends and challenges that will come with them. Creating a place where your employees feel happy and safe is anything but easy. With the help of a tool like Heartcount, you can find out more about how your employees feel at work and what they think more easily.

This blog post is just a snippet from our eBook Future trends that shape companies’ culture. In this eBook Saša Popović, a co-founder and CEO of Vega IT talks about all the challenges the company faced throughout the years, how they created a great company culture of happy people, but also which future trends will shape companies’ culture.

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