What is HeartCount

Headcount – moo!

Every workplace keeps track of their headcount, i.e. the number of people who work there.

Do you know where that term originally came from? Cattle! A farmer’s head count is how many heads of cattle he owns. That’s why farmers talk about how many heads of cattle they have.

So the headcount is how many people are employed in a workplace. An organization’s HeartCount is the number of people who want to be there. The ones who like their jobs, are proud of their work, enjoy the company of their co-workers, have a great relationship with their boss and feel happy at work.

HeartCount is a new and better way of measuring happiness at work.

The problem with staff satisfaction surveys

There are many problems with traditional job satisfaction surveys, including these:

  • Too many questions, too few of which are relevant.
  • They’re time-consuming to fill out leading to low response rates.
  • Long delay between filling out survey and seeing results.
  • Lack of follow-up on survey results.

HeartCount is designed to address all of these problems and give teams up-to-date, useful data on employee happiness.

How does HeartCount work

HeartCount is team-based (for departments, project groups, etc),  and this is how it works:

  1. Every Friday morning, every member of the team gets an email with 3 questions about that week.
  2. Of the 3 questions, the first is always the same “How have you felt at work in the last week?” The remaining 2 questions change from week to week and are randomly selected from a bank of 9 questions, all of which examine factors that are known to affect happiness at work. See a list of questions below.
  3. Every Monday, every member gets an email with the team’s happiness scores for last week.

It’s important to know that all replies are anonymous and that no login or account creation is required for employees to reply to the questions or see the team’s results.

Here is a list of all the questions currently in the survey:

  1. How have you felt at work in the last week?
  2. How have you felt about your co-workers?
  3. How have you felt about your immediate manager?
  4. Have we cared for and helped each other in our team?
  5. How good have you been at your job?
  6. Were you recognized/praised for your work?
  7. Did you use your strengths and do what you’re best at?
  8. Did you have everything you need to do a good job?
  9. Did you apply yourself and work hard this week?

Reading and using the data

Here’s an overview of the weekly report your team will receive and how to use the data.

Why is HeartCount better?

The top 5 advantages of this approach over traditional job satisfaction surveys are:

  1. The team gets useful data – we only ask questions that have a proven correlation to happiness at work.
  2. Fast feedback loop – Teams can learn how they’re doing right now – not in 3 months.
  3. Consumes very little time – Answering the 3 questions takes less than a minute of your work week.
  4. High perceived value – Teams see immediate results, increasing the perceived value and survey response rates.
  5. Team ownership – This is the team’s survey, not HR’s. This means increased ownership and more engagement in the numbers.

While teams can only see their own data, HR can also access aggregate numbers for the entire organization and can get real-time data on how all teams are doing. If a team experiences a sudden decrease in employee happiness, HR can know about it now, not in 6 months when the next satisfaction survey runs.

More information

HeartCount is currently in a closed beta. Stay tuned for more news.

HeartCount is brought to you by Woohoo inc.

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