OIP is an American owned Knowledge Process Outsourcing compay (KPO).
Insurance service provider
Arizona, United States

Quality work and expertise in the insurance industry, particularly in the excess and surplus lines segment, led to rapid growth and market expansion to different continents.

What Challenges Did You Face Before Using the Tool?

COVID-19 situation taught us to adapt and overcome any obstacles that came in our way. One of them was switching from full-time office work to work from home. The greatest challenge was to continue keeping the great communication between coworkers we have been having so far. The emphasis was, and will always continue to be, on employees, and their well-being, and that is why we introduced HeartCount in OIP.

How Did You Overcome Your Challenges, and What Results You Have Achieved Using HeartCount?

OIP is a company that values and nurtures teamwork. We believe that with the HC tool being implemented, we managed to close the gap that separated us once we started working from home. We previously had satisfaction surveys several times a year, however, with this tool, the employees got the opportunity to tell us how they feel on a weekly basis, and they got the platform to even share suggestions and praise their coworkers!

Which Heartcount Features Do You Like the Most and Why?

That would definitely be the Praises part, as it is like a mini social network that our employees enjoy, as well as the “A tip how to make your day happier at work” section.