Arca is Denmark's largest provider of high quality team training.
IT Software company
Novi Sad, Serbia

Being the largest provider of team training in Denmark, Arca has to live up to the expectations of their targeted audience. Their ultimate goal is to advocate for a healthy and strong body. Besides being skilled in functional trainings, their staff needs to be skilled in communication as an indispensable part of their job is to motivate and empower people. The psychological aspect of building a healthy and strong body matters just as much as the physical one, if not even more.

And to be able to bring the best possible results to clients, Arca’s employees need to be happy and satisfied at work. Having realised how important it is to take care of employees, Arca recognized the need to put their employees first and started using our tool to help them with that.

Why did you decide to introduce HeartCount to your employees?

The reason why we opted for Heartcount was the need to cater to our people’s needs and make sure everyone has an opportunity to let us know if anything is up. The people who did not want to speak up, did not have a chance to let us know if anything was going in the wrong direction. But then HeartCount came into the picture.

What HeartCount feature do you like the most?

The weekly updates of how your team is doing and we take into consideration both the broad perspective and the individual scores in our work. The individual feedback is used to track if someone is unhappy, and we’ll deal with that right away.

What is the biggest benefit of using HeartCount?

The biggest benefit from HeartCount for us is continuous feedback from your co-workers and a constant reminder that happy people perform better.