What do you rely on when it comes to creating some employees’ related campaigns? Usually our decisions are based on qualitative or quantitative data. And the data could be a very powerful tool for the decision makers, if they know how to use it.

To learn more about how employee data helped our clients with their decision making, we asked some of them to share with us the best practices of using the Heartcount and other types of data for improving their overall business performance including productivity and efficiency, employee engagement, employee retention, relationship with management, etc.

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Who will be our guests?

Our Chief Heart Officer Milica Jovic will host three amazing decision makers, coming from companies of different sizes, who have gained extensive experiences over different number of years and faced various challenges along the way.

Let us introduce the ladies first! Anne van der Heide is Happiness Officer for Bizzomate, an IT consultancy company and one of the Top 5 Heart Companies. After building a career as an IT business consultant, Ana switched to sales, and she has been a very happy happiness officer for the last 3 years. Bizzomate has 3 offices in the Netherlands and almost 60 people who share the same vision: “We are convinced that happy employees are indispensable for a successful company. They are more creative, can serve customers better and grow in their role, making them even more valuable. Therefore, it is our goal to make them feel as happy as possible in their workplace.”

Our second guest works in the same industry but in a different role. Vuk Popovic is a people and project leader with a strong technical background and over 10 years of experience in IT. He is currently leading the IT Department at ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, located in Germany, Switzerland and France. They are the leading provider of media intelligence solutions in the mentioned area. Their service is based on a unique combination of 100 years of experience, worldwide media coverage, innovative technologies and personal consultation.

And the third guest comes from a whole different industry! Emil Skou has just celebrated his 10-year anniversary at Arca, Denmark’s largest provider of team training, and he has never been employed elsewhere. He has held different functions from receptionist to head of training and now COO.

“In my opinion, work (and life in general) shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I have always enjoyed work and I wish to help others feel the same.”

According to interesting career paths of our guests and great companies they are working for, there is no doubt that we will hear valuable practices of using the data for improving business performance.

Use Data To Improve Business Performance – Join Us

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