How happy you are at work? Is there anything you would like to change?

Evaluating your work life is crucial because how you feel at work has a huge impact on you both at work AND at home. In other words, when you feel happy at work, your job performance instantly improves leading to greater career success. What’s more, your health and private life reach a whole new level.

However, when reflecting on the year behind, most people tend to think only about the things that went wrong, the things they should have done and the goals they should have achieved but failed to do so. And, then they come to realise that they didn’t make any progress.

The fact is, the good things we have and do bring us happiness at work (and in life). Naturally, all of us should do everything that’s in our power to address current issues we are facing and improve our circumstances to feel happy. Still, it is equally important to be able to appreciate the things that do the work.

But this is not an easy task. Negativity bias is one of the most well-established psychological phenomena meaning that we are by default more devoted and mentally focused on the bad rather than the good. We automatically start thinking about all those things that bother us like annoyances, problems, threats and fears. The truth is, looking back on and appreciating the good things in our lives takes a lot of effort and focus.

We believe you can achieve much more if you turn that around by 180 degrees! So, here’s our suggestion for a little new year’s exercise that should bring you happiness at work.

Reflect on your work life in 2021 and answer the following 10 questions. Even better, take some time to really think about each question and then write down your answers.

  • What good things happened to you at work in 2022?
  • What thing did you do that made you truly proud of yourself?
  • Who did you make a difference for at work?
  • What new skills did you acquire professionally?
  • In what way did you grow and develop personally at work?
  • Who was really helpful at work in 2021?
  • Who did you admire professionally?
  • Which 5 things from your work life in 2021 would you like to have more in 2022?
  • Which 5 things from your work life in 2021 would you like to have less in 2022?
  • What specifically do you aim to do to become happier at work in 2022?

Some people think that working hard will help them become successful and that that success will bring them happiness. In reality, it is quite the opposite: being happy is what makes you more successful and effective at work.

So this year, make happiness at work your #1 career goal! Why? Because being happy at work will help you reach success on your career path. But, keep in mind that this may require some tough decisions. If you feel unhappy with your present job, maybe it’s time to find a new one. Luckily, International Quit Your Crappy Job Day is just around the corner.