Do you know how your employees feel and what they think? Nowadays, it is critical for companies to think about happiness at work and discover new ways to achieve it. This path can be difficult, but the results will be rewarding and exciting as you will see your employees become happier and more satisfied with themselves at work.

Many companies have recognized HeartCount as a great AI tool to find out how their employees feel and what they think in real time. They managed to improve their company culture with the help of HeartCount and show employees that they come first.

We’ve recognized their results and continuous efforts to create a happier workplace atmosphere by rewarding them with the People First Company badge.

What is the Meaning of the Badge?

The badge is our way to acknowledge companies who are putting their employees first and care about their happiness.

By using our tool and reacting to the survey results, they’ve managed to solve challenges they were facing, proving that they really do care about the people in their company.

This badge is a recognition for the people-first companies and the ones that are actively working on creating a happy and positive workplace. They are not doing this for the exposure, but for the people of their company.

In other words, they are making considerable efforts to learn more about their employees so they could build a culture of happy employees. That’s why they are our People-First Companies!

Wondering Who People-First Companies Are?

Here is the list of People-First Companies:

  • BeeIT
  • City Call Center
  • Crossfit Copenhagen
  • Datum Solutions
  • Emakina.RS
  • MCB
  • Resolute Software
  • Dentist’s surgery Matijević
  • Teodesk
  • Vega IT Sourcing
  • Younify

We are super proud of these companies and the amazing results they have achieved in their efforts to build a happier workplace. You have shown that people and happiness come first! Keep up the good work!

Feel free to get in touch, book a free DEMO and learn how we can help you make a positive change in your company.