Year behind us, 2022, has been a rollercoaster. It is true that we had witnessed massive tech layoffs across the globe by the end of it, but it is important to take other events into consideration when painting the full picture.

Top Global Trend of 2022: Wellbeing as metric to help predict employee behavior

In 2022, in addition to employee engagement and satisfaction, companies have started linking wellbeing to employee performance.

The trend started showing in 2020, according to Gartner survey from the same year (52 HR executives participated). That year, companies made significant investments in programs for mental, physical and financial wellbeing. However, in the year that followed, 2021, less than 40% of the workforce utilized the created programs. The employees who did, reported improvement in few areas, most significantly 23% had higher quality of sleep. While the jury is still out on statistics for 2022 when it comes to using these programs, the information we have gathered trough work with our clients indicate a clear trend line – companies are trying to link wellbeing to employee performance and retention.

Heartcount is a tool with a track record of 4 years of linking wellbeing to employee satisfaction and retention. Contact us now to get you started on measuring it too.

Individual employee satisfaction results across 8 categories. Top left corner is wellbeing.

How do we chose People First Companies for HeartCount Awards 2022?

The standardization of the method we used to choose People First companies did not come easy to us.

We could award every single of our clients for progressiveness and adoption of modern tool for management, they really do deserve it.

However, as it is the case with modern technologies, only when enough time passes, can we see the real effects of technologies we used. That is why our top criteria were:

1. Response rate of employees to sent out surveys 

Statistics show that average response rate for employee surveys varies from 25% to 60%.

HeartCount was crafted to remove the obstacles employees have in answering surveys, and increase the response rate.

We awarded companies that have managed to leverage HeartCount to do just that.

2. Companies that served over 500 weekly surveys 

HeartCount sends weekly surveys, making sure the management has timely information about their employees.

But it takes time to compile enough data to make accurate predictions regarding individual employees or gain deep understanding about the company culture (although you can see first effects after couple of weeks).

We wanted to award companies that showed consistency in using Heartcount on weekly basis for a longer period of time.

Important note:

We awarded top 15 companies according to the criteria mentioned above, but they are not mentioned in any particular order, AKA there are no awarded places or rankings.

We placed focus on companies that managed to raise the bar when it comes to using Heartcount in 2022. We felt it was important to incentivize companies, not rank them, as they all develop at their own paces conditioned by internal and external factors.

Who are the Top People First Companies in HeartCount Awards for 2022?

And now onto the best part!

*Drum roll*

We present to you 15 companies (in no particular order) that took the functionalities Heartcount had to offer and made the most of them:

  • RBA Bank
  • Resolute Software
  • Strauss Adriatic
  • Saga
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Balkan Bet
  • Talon
  • Unifix
  • WebTalk
  • Ananas
  • Grawe
  • HQ
  • TelQ
  • Ametek
  • M&I Systems

Honorable Mention “Leading with example”

Awarded to: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

We felt it was important to assign a special recognition to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, since their support for HeartCount as an innovation did not end with words encouragement. Since March 2022, they have been our active users. Over 56.04% of their workforce actively participated in the weekly employee survey.

It is important to highlight that their support for HeartCount did not stop with words. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia took the lead in adopting the HeartCount technology fast, and putting it to good use. We commend it for assuming the role of leader that leads with words and an example.

Honorable Mention “Learning Guru”

Awarded to: I&F Group

I&F Group, as one of the leading communication systems across Southeast Europe and Scandinavia, started using Heartcount in April 2022, almost a year ago, across their 25 agencies. Implementation of any software in the company, let alone individual markets across Europe is a feat worth applauding. It is even more significant as it gives us enough data to see the differences in the tool being used in North and South Europe and learn more from the experience.

We applaud the company for committing to creating a better work place, as well as thank them for giving us an opportunity to learn and become better.

Encouraging Note from HeartCount

Regardless of the challenges most companies faced in the previous year, it is important to remember that leadership and culture are tested during difficult times, times just like these.

These awards shine at least a bit brighter when we take that fact into consideration.

To conclude, we are proud that Heartcount could support our clients, and we are honored if we could, at least, praise them for a job well done.

P.S. One of the most beloved features of Heartcount is the praise feature, helping us include encouragement as well as constructive feedback into the company communication routine. Managers can see which employees have received praises, when, for what etc, helping them identify top performers with the help of their colleagues.

Contact us to help you establish healthy feedback culture now.