Reading and using the data

How to read the data

As you know, every Friday every team member responds to three questions. The first question is always the same, the other two questions change from week to week. Read more about how HeartCount works here.

The first 3 weeks you use HeartCount, the system can only show you limited data, so you’ll only see two graphs for your team every Monday. The first one shows the weekly average results for the main question which is “How happy have you been at work in the past week?”

Here’s an example:


All responses are on a scale from 1-7. As you can see, happiness has been increasing in this team.

Below that you’ll get the response rate:


As you can see, this team had a very low response rate in the second week but has since improved.

After 4 weeks, the system has enough data to also show the results for the other questions. This is what it looks like:

Detailed data

The graph shows the team’s average score for every question over the last 4 weeks.

How to use the data

The data in itself can give you some indication of how your team is doing on some important parameters, but what really matters is to talk about the results, and what they mean.

We recommend setting aside a little time on the team every 2-4 weeks to look at the numbers. If you already have a regularly scheduled team meetings, then that’s a great time to do it.

There are many ways to approach it and please do find a way that suits your team. We recommend using these four questions:

  1. What is looking good in our results? What are we proud of? What indicators are improving?
  2. What have we been doing right, since these numbers look good? What is something we can keep doing or do even more?
  3. What numbers could improve or are trending down?
  4. What is one thing we can stop doing or do differently to address this?

We suggest that you spend around 5-10 minutes on this.