About the closed beta

HeartCount is currently in a closed beta. 30 teams from workplaces around the world have signed up to try it for a 2-month period.

This is the schedule for the beta:

  • September 5: Initial setup. All teams must send us names and email of all team members.
  • September 8: Beta starts.
  • September 12: Teams receive first weekly email surveying team happiness.
  • September 15: Teams receive first email with results.
  • September 15-November 1:  Team members get a weekly email every Friday surveying team happiness and a weekly email every Monday showing results.
  • November 5: Beta ends. Team members receive an email with a survey asking about their experience.

This is an early beta test, and many things are likely to change and/or suddenly go wrong as the beta period progresses. We invite feedback and bug reports but can’t promise to act on every suggestions.